Young Black Mother: Freebirth

y the early hours of the 25th of March 2017, I had returned home and I was feeling so tired, deserted and desperate; I had started to think that I might have to give up;

but in an attempted to make something; anything happen, I propelled myself off of the sofa upside down hoping to move you, unhook you, just get some sort of relief for myself;

and YES! #Olofi must have heard my body crying out; she must have been with me all along; a spiritual midwife, guiding me. Something had shifted because approximately two contractions later as I stood and watched the Sun coming up; you finally came down.

I smiled so hard, filled with joy, completely elated that I could now touch and feel the soft and smooth hair that covered your crown;

now it was just a matter of pushing you out; the easiest part.

I needed to hurry, I wanted to get into the pool that your father had set up in the kitchen for us before he had left for work the morning before.

There was no way it was going to fill up in time; I had to get in, make do. I felt relief from the warmth of the shallow water that I had managed to pump in;

by this time the pains were CRAZY but I still remained as quiet as a mouse


pushing with every contraction...

it was not long before you literally slid out of me

not 1 witness

just the 1 camera that had made it all the way to the end and #mamaYemoja that helped in catching you.

As I held u in my arms for the very first time and I watched you as you took your very first breath; I fell so deeply in love with you #smiler

The best thing that I have EVER experienced in my life #freebirth


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Young Black Female

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